a) the present regulation has been dictated with the purpose of preserving the harmony, the well-being and the security of the residents and maintaining a bond of mutual respect between themselves and with the staff of the Residence

b) Residents must respect all the rules of coexistence of this regulation. They must also respect the staff that works in the Residence.

c) the unit, the parts of the set and the corresponding facilities in perfect condition of cleanliness and hygiene must be conserved.

d) Smoking is prohibited in common areas closed (rooms, sum, bathrooms).

e) Noises that threaten the tranquility of the residence should be avoided after 11:00 pm until 09:00 the following day.

f) Do not throw sanitary devices, waste, cotton and any other type of elements that, due to their size or characteristics, may affect the correct functioning of general pipelines.

g) Coordinate with the administration to introduce or remove units, furniture or large objects. The resident will be personally liable for any damage or injury caused to the facilities of the trade itself. – No element belonging to it should be removed from the establishment.

Any deterioration due to negligence of any kind will be deducted from your deposit. It will be personal in case of identifying the person responsible, or collective in case of not doing so.

h) Lights and other electrical appliances, such as: heaters, fans, computers, air conditioners, should be turned off when not in use.

i) HYGIENE must exist unfailingly in all areas, that is: showers, bathrooms, kitchens, patio, study hall, common spaces, rooms, etc.

j) It is forbidden to eat in rooms.

k) In case of loss of keys (from the access doors to the residence, closet or bedroom) the resident must replace them, at his expense, without exception. In no case will keys be lent.

l) The rooms can NOT be used as meeting places. Students can only meet in the common sectors.

m) The consumption of alcoholic beverages is prohibited within the San Marcos university residence.

n) We do not admit that couples form in the residence SM will be a reason for warning, after expulsion.

o) Every resident must facilitate a peaceful coexistence, respecting the physical integrity of the residents and the dwelling itself, and where appropriate, the property in which it is located and making normal and reasonable use of the furniture and equipment placed your disposition (Air Conditioning, Heating, Appliances, etc)

Conditions of Admission

To be admitted as a resident you must take university, postgraduate, or specific courses in educational institutes or be under the internship regime in companies or institutions that accredit it. Likewise, the Residence reserves its right of admission.

Maintenance and cleaning:

Inside the room, personal effects must, at all times, be kept in order. San Marcos is not responsible for damage or loss of them.

After using, the kitchen elements should be WASH, DRY AND SAVE. Likewise, the spaces used must be sanitized (table, countertop and especially the kitchen, avoiding that any food remains adhere to it).

The change of sheets and towels is done once a week between 07:00 and 11:00, which is the hours of the cleaning staff. It is reiterated that the rooms must be neat, in TOTAL ORDER to be able to carry out the cleaning task.

It is forbidden the use of personal property of others (clothes, towels, beds, etc.), as well as the admission to neighboring rooms. These two points are considered SERIOUS FAULTS, and can determine your EXPULSION from the establishment. Any resident who is in the room that does not correspond will be charged a fine of AR $ 2000 PESOS (Two Thousand), and if he incurs 2 times in the absence he will be asked to leave the place immediately. Visitors will also not be able to enter the rooms, under any point of view.

The showers are for general use. For this reason, the time for showering is restricted. The showers must be in the same hygiene conditions that were found. In case you need to refill any bathroom items (such as dryers or toilet paper) you must inform the residence staff.


In an enclosure where so many people live, it is OBLIGATION TO MAINTAIN CONDITIONS AT ALL TIMES, BOTH CLEANING AND ORDER, (do not leave items of study in common places, crockery and other personal items, notes, books, etc.) Not allowed personal objects or of the Residence OUT OF THE PLACE DESTINED FOR IT, for example (armchairs, desks, planters, closets, tables, etc.). The Residence provides spaces to store clothes, dishes, etc., so it is the responsibility of each resident to take care of them and to keep their belongings.

– In computers. Priority is remembered, after 20 p.m .; for those who for reasons of study or work were not during the day.

– Any eventual personal difference with other resident (s) must be revealed through dialogue to the personnel in charge of the residence, who mediate in the eventual situation.

– The reception of telephone calls will be made between 07:00 and 23:00 hs. In case of urgency, this schedule can be extended

Keep in mind that the content of this Regulation is intended to help a good coexistence, safeguarding the respect we all need for a life in community.

The entry and exit schedules will be free and the access door to the Residence will always remain closed, the permanent custodian will be in charge of the entrance and exit prior identification of the resident. Any resident may leave a notice to the person in charge, each time he returns at odd hours, or will not return to sleep.

The illegal consumption of toxic drugs, narcotics or psychotropic substances is prohibited. The Security Forces will be notified immediately of this infraction. The personnel in charge will have the free will to request the support of the Police authority so that the resident who incurs this fault immediately leaves the place.

Registration and Deposit Guarantee

To enter the Residence, students must pay a tuition. This registration is not refundable.

They must also pay a security deposit, the resident must leave as a guarantee the sum of 1 month deposit according to the assigned fee, this amount will be refunded to the item, and can not be used for the payment of any fee, except discounts for breaches of our regulations or damages incurred

PAYMENT OF FEES: (in the case of being a resident) March, July and December are months that are paid in full, in no case will partial payments be made. (Ten full months from March to December) Payments will be 1/5 of each month except for the agreements made with each resident, otherwise 1% will be charged daily, in arrears for the first 10 days, 2% daily for the next 10 days and 5% daily the rest until the payment is made

Given that the places are adjusted to the study period, the commitment of permanence and monthly payment by the applicant and his family is assumed from March to December inclusive (10 full installments). If the resident decides to retire before the month of December or the agreed period, he must notify the Administration by signing a withdrawal notice with no less than 60 days in advance. Otherwise, you must pay this period as if you were staying. The notice of the 60 days will run until the month of AUGUST from which the withdrawals will not be taken since December must be paid the equivalent of the monthly amount of the room. This deposit will be returned to the resident upon leaving the Residence, provided that he / she informs in writing and 60 days in advance of the departure date.

The Directorate has the right to make discounts or retain the guarantee for the collection of fines and / or to compensate for the damages that the students may cause.


The rooms are for rest and study, therefore, should be kept quiet in them, avoiding any annoying noise.

Room cleaning will be done from Monday to Friday.

Inside the rooms, it is strictly prohibited:

1- Smoking; Smoking residents will be responsible for the damage and deterioration caused by burns caused by cigarettes in furniture and installations.

2- Use electrical appliances such as heaters, coffee makers, irons, hair removal equipment, etc.

3- Save perishable foods

4- Paste posters or any sheet or paint walls or windows

5- Leave bags that interrupt the cleaning of rooms.

6- Paint or paste legends on the doors of the bedrooms or common spaces.

Visiting hours

Visiting hours are Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

In special cases and with the prior authorization of the staff in charge, it could be extended up to a reasonable time. Residents may only receive visits under their full responsibility.

The visitor must leave a copy of the document at reception. They will only be able to stay in the study room and common spaces.

We appreciate your choice to choose us and wish you a pleasant stay at the SAN MARCOS UNIVERSITY RESIDENCE