Procedures Advisory

We help and advise on the application and management of administrative procedures where we effectively provide personalized assistance during all the time in order to end the period.

Our company is located in the heart of Buenos Aires, in the neighborhood of Monserrat near the main universities.

Personalized advice

Orientations in general, advantages and disadvantages in the choice of each university, Spanish courses available in the city

Several Procedures

We carry out the payment of the registration in the chosen university. Optional services: Spanish courses, sale of homemade food, transfers, etc.

Integral Service

Provide the entire process of advisory services and information. Guide "T" to locate the streets of Buenos Aires; Also orientation of public transport: buses, subways

our guarantee

All services in one place


Before traveling, we will evaluate your needs and put at your disposal the best options for your peace of mind.


In our hands is to ensure that when you arrive, you will have all the tools to start your education in Buenos Aires.


You will always have our support, before any situation that happens both in your studies, as in your stay in the city.

Start your Learningfrom our hand!

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